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Century Peak Listed on Phil. Stock Exchange

Makati, Philippines, 06 October 2009 - Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPMHC) announced that it has been listed by way of introduction on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). To commemorate the listing, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Undersecretary Ramon Paje, PSE Vice President & Head of Capital Markets Development Division Enrico Trinidad, Ambassador to the Philippines HE Liu Jianchao of the People's Republic of China and CPMHC President Wilfredo Keng together rang the PSE bell at the start of trading day.

"We believe our listing on the Philippine Stock Exchange will increase the visibility of our company and accessibility to and for investors. It is a big step towards fulfilling our aim of being a vertically-integrated mining operation," said Wilfredo Keng.

CPMHC is the holding firm of Century Peak Corp. (CPC), the nickel-mining company it fully acquired in March 2008, and Century Hua Guang Smelting Inc., where it has a 55% stake. CPC holds Mineral Production Sharing Agreements (MPSA) in Loreto in the Dinagat Islands and Albor, Dinagat Province. Currently, CPMHC is undertaking numerous projects to expand the versatility of other mineral extracts such as chromite and irons either through joint ventures or operating agreements with other tenement holders.

"CPMHC's listing comes after a rigorous and continuous compliance process that we have standardized across the mining index. Investors should have confidence in the quality and credibility of reports that will guide them as they make investment decisions," said Enrico Trinidad, PSE Vice President & Head of Capital Markets Development Division.

CPMHC received PSE approval for its initial listing by way of introduction in July 2009, following the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s pre-effective clearance for CPMHC's listing application granted in August 2008. Prior to its actual listing it had to comply with the Philippine Mineral Reporting Code, or PMRC, which is compatible with major global mineral reporting standards and our national bourse's basis for all disclosures to be made by listed mining companies involving local exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves before receiving its Certificate of Permit to Offer Securities for Sale from the SEC. CPMHC is the first mining applicant company to comply with the PMRC and eventually list with the PSE.

About Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPMHC)

Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (formerly, Fil Hispano Corporation) was incorporated on December 30, 2003 as an investment holding company. On February 15, 2008, the SEC approved the change of its corporate name to Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation. On April 14, 2008, the SEC further approved the amendment of the Company's Articles of Incorporation changing its primary purpose to promoting, operating, managing, holding owning or investing in corporations or entities that are engaged in mining activities or mining-related activities.