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  • Century Peak Corporation (CPC) and its affiliate Companies hold mineral rights over 17 properties in the Philippines, with combined total area of 27,170 hectares.
  • CPC has five (5) active exploration / mining projects and one (1) preliminarily mapped mineral prospect. These projects are located in Dinagat Island, Zamboanga, Zambales and Sibuyan / Romblon.
  • Chromite, Nickel, and Iron are the minerals of main interest in these active projects and mineral prospect.
  • In addition to these projects, CPC has other mineral prospects with Gold, Copper, Iron, and Manganese as the minerals of interest which are scheduled for preliminary exploration. These prospects are located in Palawan, Surigao, Agusan, Zamboanga and Misamis Oriental.
  • Also, CPC owns real estate properties in Leyte where a smelting plant will be installed for Nickel Pig Iron Production.

Summary of CPC Active Projects / Prospects and Mineral Properties

Location Registration No. Commodity Area in Hectares Remarks
Activate Projects / Prospects
Dinagat MPSA 283-2009-XIII-SMR Nickel, Chromite, 463.93 In Operating Period
Esperanza Nickel Project Parcel II Iron    
Dinagat MPSA 283-2009-XIII-SMR Nickel, Chromite, 772.47 Under Exploration Period
Cabinliw Nickel Project Parcel I Iron    
Dinagat MPSA 283-2009-XIII-SMR Nickel, Chromite, 1,935.69 Under Exploration Period
Libjo Nickel Project Parcel III Iron    
    Sub-total 3,172.10  
Dinagat MPSA 010-92-X-SMR Nickel, Chromite, 1,198.00 In operating Period
Casiguran Nickel Project   Iron    
Dinagat APSA 000086-XIII Nickel, Chromite, 660.20 Under Final Review by MGB
Dinagat EXPA 000143-XIII Nickel, Chromite, 15.24 Under application at MGB
    Total Area 5,045.54  
Zambales MPSA 269-2008-III Chromite 577.24 Under Exploration Period
  MPSA 270-2008-III Chromite 1,072.12 Under Exploration Period
  MPSA 275-2008-III Chromite 3,051.40 Under Exploration Period
  MPSA 282-2009-III Chromite 26.94 Under Exploration Period
  EP 002-2009-III Chromite 158.50 Under Exploration
    Total 4,886.20  
Sibuyan/ Romblon AMA-IVB-III Chromite, Iron 668.00 Under application at MGB
    Total 668.00  
Zamboanga APSA 019A-IX Chromite, Nickel, 5,504.06  
  APSA 019B-IX Chromite, Nickel, 5,084.95 Under application at MGB
  APSA 00085-IX Chromite, Nickel, 1,185.46 Under application at MGB
    Total 11,774.47  
Cebu MPSA 045-96-VII Limestone 3,028.74 Under DMPF Approval
PMDC-CPC Joint Venture        
  MPSA 046-96-VII Limestone 1,766.81 Under DMPF Approval
    Total 4,795.55  
    Overall Total 27,169.76  

* Types of Mineral Rights:

MPSA Mineral Production Sharing Agreement
APSA Application for Mineral Production Sharing Agreement
EP Exploration Permit
EPA Application for Exploration Permit