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PSE Approves Listing By Way of Introduction of Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp.

The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) recently approved the initial listing by way of
introduction of Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPMHC). CPMHC is the
holding firm of Century Peak Corp. (CPC), the nickel-mining company it fully acquired in
March 2008, and Century Hua Guang Smelting Inc., where it has a 55% stake. The actual
listing of CPMHC is yet to be scheduled depending on CPMHC's compliance with the
post-approval requirements, including the SEC Permit to Sell Securities and the
Registration and Licensing Order.

According to its management, CPMHC aims to be a vertically integrated mining operation.
It believes that a combination of a nickel ore extraction operation and a nickel pig iron
smelting plant will be economically advantageous, given that the smelting plant assures
the utilization of the extracted ore, thereby generating more value added for the company.

About Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (CPMHC)

Century Peak Metals Holdings Corporation (formerly, Fil Hispano Corporation) was
incorporated on December 30, 2003 as an investment holding company. On February
15, 2008, the SEC approved the change of its corporate name to Century Peak Metals
Holdings Corporation. On April 14, 2008, the SEC further approved the amendment of the
Company's Articles of Incorporation changing its primary purpose to promoting, operating,
managing, holding owning or investing in corporations or entities that are engaged in
mining activities or mining-related activities.