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Social Development

In 2011, CPC embarked on several socio economic activities that cater to the upliftment of the current social and economic conditions of the people in the community. Aside from providing direct employment to 101 people residents of the area, the Company extends financial support to the different projects of the Barangay, the school, and the various religious congregations. Barangay projects are funded through the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) which is updated yearly to conform to the immediate needs of the community. The Community Technical Working Group (CTWG) determines the programs/projects and activities to be included in the SDMP which are most beneficial to the people. SDMP also allocates fund to help maintain the local school facilities and in 2011 a flag pole was constructed. The Roman Catholic church in Brgy. Pamanaon was also a recipient when CPC shouldered the cost of material in the construction of the church's sanitary facilities.